Lightberry – your RPi ambi-like ;) system

As you might have noticed we’ve been not “very active” in adding new tutorials to the site. It is not because we were lazy… actually it is the opposite. We had an idea of offering people out-of-the-box ambilight-like peripheral for our precious Raspberry Pi. Finally, after few months of hard work and research, we will be able to offer you the final product. You can see below a sample of how it works – there will be more such examples on in the coming week.
Since you probably asked this question in your mind, let me tell you how much will it cost :) The price will be 50 Euro (42″ version and smaller) to 55 Euro for 50″ version. The price comes mainly from the price of LEDs which were customized by the manufacturer just for our purpose. We hope you’ll enjoy it and you can visit next week to see more details and showcase videos.
Does it mean we will only take care of earning money now? NO! We are already preparing new tutorials after this short break. So stay tuned and for now visit

P.S. Number of Lightberries will be limited at the beginning. If you’re interested in getting it in priority way, drop me an email to be first in the line! (jacek at It will be just an indication for us of how popular product can be :)

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P.S. We will ship to EU only, for now. If you’re outside of EU and interested in Lightberry – let us know.

[Update 25-11-2013] Unfortunately, we have slight delay of our new website launch. To make your waiting a bit more joyful, we have 2 new videos for you. We will have also 3 free Raspberry Pi cases for first 3 customers to make yuor waiting even more worthy :) New date of launch is Nov 27.

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!