Hi All!

We are a team of two raspi enthusiast who one day decided to make a difference. Our goal is to gather all the knowledge we gained through blood and sweat with raspberry pi in one place for you, ready to use, easy to apply but not without answer to fundamental question ‘why?’ ;) We hope to create place where anyone, from linux beginner to linux pro, can find interesting uses and ideas for wonderful device that is raspberry pi. Please share our humble site, leave a comment, don’t hesitate to contact us, it really means a lot for us. Enjoy and visit us often – we promise to keep this up to date!

Jacek & Tomek.



25 years old, interested in almost every new gadget you can think of ;), vintage running shoes collector, sci-fi fan, always listening to music.  Junior consultant in data warehousing / business intelligence area in day-to-day job.

mail me! tomek(małpka)raspberry-at-home.com

małpka (monkey) in polish means @ :)



A bit older than Tomek ;) My whole free time is reserved for my 2 wonderful kids.  When I have some spare time, I write articles for that wonderful site ;) Professionally, IT manager in international corporation, dealing with BI and data warehousing on daily basis. I have to try install Oracle on RPi one day… :)

mail me! jacek(at)raspberry-at-home.com


  • Guido Seynhaeve

    i’m 50 and thinking to get me a PI as present and enjoy to learn this board

  • Christian Knudsen

    Trying to update the arduino part. Get avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding.
    Can you assist?

  • leds usop

    Hi Jacek and Tomek, sorry to hijack this comment section with lightberry.eu shop query. But I had been trying to reach support via phone and email and now twitter regarding a missing item that is supposed to be shipped to me. Only one set was shipped and no response as of yet regarding the other one. Would appreciate if you can point me to the right contact point as I’m running out of options now specially being that I live in the California.