Wetek Play with Lightberry HD USB and OpenELEC

Have you heard about Wetek? I’m sure you did, guys there did a great work delivering media player of superb quality at reasonable price. Now, to make it even more awesome, you can use Lightberry HD USB with it.

After instaling latest version of OpenELEC, follow usual install process of hyperion https://github.com/tvdzwan/hyperion/wiki/installation and use below sections in your configuration.
Define properly Lightberry HD USB

or Lightberry HD APA USB

Instead of framegrabber section put amlgrabber section in hyperion.config.json file.

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • Leslie Barrows

    Hi! that sentence was originaly written by http://tinyurl.com/op27483

  • Cláudio Castro

    Is it also possible to convert the first Lightberry LEDs into a USB connection, instead of using the Raspi’s GPIOs? I have ordered a Wetek Play and wanted to know. If so, what do I need?

    • Jacek

      Yes, you can. All you need is Lightberry USB converter with proper wiring for your leds.