VNC Server

Usually raspi stays hidden, doing it’s job, controlled through web, hdmi cec or other various interfaces. Rarely it’s keyboard or mice. Although there comes time that we need to do something that requires mice and keyboard connected and there is none available or it’s difficult to do so. The perfect solution for you is VNC Server – remote desktop for your raspi.

This tutorial was tested on raspbian wheezy, I’m planning to build a 24/7 raspi server and thought about remote desktop for easy gui configuration.

If you are not convinced yet (remote desktop, that all ;) ) visit ThightVNC site. Meanwhile all convinced updates apt-get:

Configure tightvnc password:

When asked  Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)?  answer y if you need to give to someone just a viewing capabilities without control. Otherwise answer n.

Run server with:

If you have already running other X instances change 0 in above command to 1 or higher. Download VNC viewer from and run it. Fill in the blanks with appropriate values:


Hit connect, enter your password and test if works properly:

TightVNC remote desktop

If you are happy with result let’s prepare init script:

Make necessary corrections if you need to and paste below script. This is a improved script from

Follow standard procedure:


Reboot and check if tightvnc starts and works.

That’s all. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment and share your experience.

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • CitizenBrian

    It worked up until I rebooted and I haven’t got back in. It’s not the first I have tried, I’ve been at it since Christmas morning. I can putty in after that but can’t load one in vnc even though pi says there is a server running. I fail on password, authentication, timeout, too many tries etc.

    • Tomasz Szczerba


      Does ps list vnc server as running? Have you tried reruning vnc via startup script manualy after reboot?

      Sorry for late reply.


      • CitizenBrian

        I installed RDP and that sorted it ;-)

        • Tomasz Szczerba

          isn’t RDP a windows thing?

          • CitizenBrian

            xrdp would be the right way of spelling it ;-)