Video out of your TV internal tuner

I thought that would be cool to have possibility to get the video out of TV, instead of being forced to use HDMI or RCA source. For instance, if you have cable TV where TV channels are controlled by TV and not external decoder, I thought it was not possible to get this video feed into raspberry. I looked at my TV manual, and there was nothing like video out or scart out. So I thought it was not possible.

One of our lightberry customers mentioned to me that in his manual there are 2 arrow heads next to the scart socket.

So I checked and… YES! IT works! I got video OUT of TV (SCART) for all channels controlled by internal TV tuner. With this I can have my Lightberry working with all my TV channels.

Isn’t that cool? :)

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • Tom Doetsch

    currently looking forward to the hdmi support for all sources, i was plowing through my old hardware collection and found this old external dvd reader, and found out that xmbc run these plug and play. so in terms of movies i am sorted. sadly i did not get it to work with external bluray.

  • domwrap

    My TV has a composite monitor out that it just outputs whatever is being shown on the screen. Run this to my Fushicai and my ambilight (will) work for any and all inputs. Hoorah!

  • wcenk

    is my tv support it ?

    • Jacek

      It looks like it does – it says in/out and has arrows in both directions.

  • Maciej Ziólkowski

    Mam Panasonica to-p46gt30e wydaje mi się ze wyjście start będzie działać (proszę o weryfikację). Tv ma jeszcze złącza USB. Czy któreś może zastąpić video grabber?

    Pozdrawiam Maciek