Installation of TP-LINK WN725N v2

People using Raspbmc (including me) tend to have problems with installation of TP-LINK WN725N v2 (v1 works out of the box). I have no idea why tp-link didn’t change model name when they changed the chipset but that’s reality that causes a lot of confusion. Anyway, installation is very simple and consist of 3 steps.

That’s it! Check network-manager plugin – it should work now…

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • Sorin

    Didn’t work :(… I have the August software and when i search the network i see them but for example :
    “My Wireless Network” i see 3 connections for this ssid name for example conection 1: “My” , conection 2: “Wireless” etc….

    • Jacek Tokar

      Have you tried naming your WiFi network without spaces?

    • Jacek


      Have you tried naming your wifi network without spaces?

      • Sorin

        It worked with new september update :D Thanks, we want more tutorials :D

        • Jacek

          They are coming. We are busy with a bit bigger project connected to RPi, and we will be publishing more in the next couple of months.

          • Sorin

            I have a problem, dont work on september update :(

            pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo modprobe 8188eu
            ERROR: could not insert ‘8188eu’: Exec format error

          • pablot

            Doesn’t work here either…
            Any news about how to make this work?

          • Jacek

            Guys, I appologize but I got rid of this version of adapter and thus can’t test/fix the solutions. If you want to make it work I suggest using some older version of raspbian (to be honest I don’t remember exactly on which version it worked, but I promise it did :) )

          • liff

            a nice update on this
            it works for us with last RASPBIAN 2014-01-07 kernel 3.10.25

  • Peter Verheyen

    For me it didn’t work.
    I get this ERROR: could not insert ‘8188eu’: exec format error
    Could use some help on this.

    • Jacek

      Peter, Have you tried re-downloading the file? If yes, what kernel version are you on?

      • Peter Verheyen

        I downloaded the file a few times, with no luck. I’m on kernel version 3.6.11+ #541
        I tried the driver with another SD card with kernel version 3.6.11+ #474 and then it works.

        • Timothy F

          I have the same problem, how do you download a different kernel version?

        • Rizky Syazuli

          same problem. i’m on 3.12.28+ #709.

  • Hjoaco Mg

    sudo modprobe 8188eu
    ERROR: could not insert ‘8188eu’: Exec format error

    not work for me in manjaro openbox with kernel 3.10.11

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  • ben houghton

    Hi Jacek.
    Just in case you didn’t see my response on your ‘cutting the wire’ thread, I tried this but get ‘FATAL: module 8188eu not found’ in response to the modprobe command.

    • Jacek

      I can’t test it end to end as I don’t have v2 adapter anymore. What os are you using?

      • ben houghton

        Hi Jacek,
        I’m using the latest Rasbian release – ex Noobs.
        It’s odd, 8188eu.ko exists in th directory, (home/pi if I remember rightly). Should I have navigated to some other directory first?

  • Nazmee Kamaruzaman

    @disqus_gawBZeon7X:disqus can u help me? I also get “ERROR: could not insert ‘8188eu’: exec format error” error. my kernel version is 3.10.25+

  • Karl Wally

    The tutorial is wonderful! Only problem is I have no idea if these lines should be entered in terminal or Geany, to create a file? it would be nice for the author to expand on this! Why does the tutorial have so many lines starting and reverting at line1. I would have thought that the script necessary to accomplish this task, starts at line 1 and finishes at line (n). Forgive my ignorance, I am new to LINUX.

  • Karl Wally

    Has anyone, to date, found a definitive driver/py code for this cursed WiFi adapter?
    Try as I might I cant get my RPi to recognise this gadget !

    Surely there must be a fix for this??


  • Karl Wally

    Sorry, the above mentioned 3 steps DON’T work. step 1 mentions “scheme missing” step 3 states”FATAL module 8188 not found”. Is this a 1st of April joke?

  • Jos Neelen

    Till now the same error !!!!

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo modprobe 8188eu
    ERROR: could not insert ‘8188eu’: Exec format error

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $