Google Coder

Good news everyone! There are people at Google who loves our favorite credit card sized toy. Google released its Google Coder platform for development of web applications. Anyone can now develop and test HTML, CSS and Javascript code through web browser. Nonetheless, they favored mac OS users and prepared tool for quick install but left linux and windows users without even a simple tutorial. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a rocket science, but short description wouldn’t hurt, would it? 

More than a half of our readers use windows, with linux being second so I decided to give you a short description how to write this image on SD card using windows or linux. Not much of a tutorial but I hope someone who would like to start with web development will have 10 minutes more for play with html than search in google (oh, irony) for a solution. All you need to have is a raspi, at least 4GB SD card, power supply and Google Coder SD card image. Get it from Google Coder project page. Zip they provided contains a mac OS app that will get you through install. Head to appropriate section for instructions specific your OS. Those are generic instructions to write any SD card image, not only Google’s.


Open terminal, change directory to dev and list all devices that start with mmc:

You will get a list of SD cards inserted:

As you can see I have 1 card with two partitions: p1 and p2, this is card that was already used as raspis system.  You can format it using e.g. gparted, depending on your distro.  Next step is to locate your img file, go to its directory and write it onto SD card

Note, that you write to SD card not a specific partition. Be VERY careful not to make a typo because you can loose data if you specify e.g. your system partition as a output for dd.


Windows users have a simple tool that will do all work for them: Win32 Disk Imager. Download it, install and run. You will see a window where you specify image file and output device, by default you can only select SD cards so be careful to choose proper one if you have more than one inserted.

Win32 Disk Imager window

Win32 Disk Imager window

That’s all, take card out of reader, put it into raspi, plug power and code :) Nice thing about coder is that it will create a access point on first setup if not connected though cable to router and compatible wifi dongle plugged in. Connect to “coder setup” wifi and setup it to use your home network.

Share your thoughts about coder and web development, Do you have any experience? Do you want to start coding? Is coder something you wanted? Are you a web dev professional but still coder is something handy for you?

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!