Control Hyperion from your remote

Ever wanted to just turn off Lightberry with single click on your remote? Read on for tutorial how to do that.

Procedure is simple and straightforward, first you need to install plugin
And save it in download folder on your Raspberry Pi network share. You can access it via file explorer under address \\openelec\download or smb://openelec/download if you use Linux / MacOS.
Next, navigate in Kodi to Programs -> Get more… -> Install from zip, navigate to download folder and select previously downloaded zip. Next run the plugin and follow the steps, it will ask you to select two buttons to turn on and off hyperion on your remote. Finally, restart Raspberry Pi and enjoy :)

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • gonzolak

    nie moge zainastalowac addonu w Kodi 16.1 – Kodibuntu … komunikat Faild to install addon . Czy plugin dziala tylko na OE ?

    • Jacek

      Tak, dziaƂa tylko na OE na razie