Configuring boblight on OpenElec

When we started selling Lightberry I have had a lot of questions about lighberry compatibility with OpenElec. I was thinking: sure, why not… but at that time I was not fully aware of what OpenElec is :) As it occurs, installation of boblight is quite different on OpenElec than on other distributions. Here are the details.

Boblight can be installed as 2 XBMC add-ons. Just go to System->Settings->Add-ons->Search and enter “bob” to search. You should get 2 boblight plugins:
– Services – boblightd – which is a daemon that controls LEDs
– Services – XBMC Boblight – which is responsible for interpreting the image and sending input for boblightd.

Install both of them. Then go to settings of XBMC Boblight plugin. In the Movie tab pich “fast” for “Preset” setting.

Beautiful and simple so far… OK, so now let’s upload boblight.conf to OpenElec. Shit! It doesn’t have ftp server. Ok, I will install one… Shit, apt-get does not exist?? Fine, I will download it from my website to home directory. It worked! Now, let’s copy config file to /etc… WHAT? /etc is read only? Even with SU? So where to put boblight.conf?… It took me some time but I have finally googled it!
Here’s the path:

But how to get config file to rasberry if you are not lucky enough to have an online server? Fortunately OpenElec has Samba enabled, so you should also find the directory for boblight.conf by typing in windows:
\\[RPI_IP_ADDRESS]\Userdata\addon_data\service.multimedia.boblightd .

Ok, perfect! Let’s start it up!

… oh my… it works so slow… weird… it doesn’t look good… and I have no idea why. See for your self below comparison of OpenElec and Raspbmc (raspbmc is running hyperion (with 100ms smoothing delay) but it does not make much of a difference). In dark scenes leds produce weird colors… and there is like half a second lag… Any suggestions how to fix it are very welcomed… I used exactly the same config file as the one that works very well for me in raspbmc.

Here is your raspberry pi ampilight system!
  • Abracadabra Records

    Do you still need a hand with this?

  • jijijaco

    Hi, what’s the status of this issue ??

  • Andre Mendes

    Hi, do you have adjust in Boblight Add-on SLOW to FAST Change It and play again…