Kodi plugin – Hyperion Configurator

Remember our humble kodi plugin to download configs from our site? Jacek decided to upgrade it a bit and it got out of hand ;) However, we now have a fantastically useful plugin that will create configuration for every setup in a seconds. Read on for a installation guide and quick tutorial.

Raspbmc kernel with Fuschicai Easycap support is here!

Rather than a tutorial this is to highlight great achievement of Husam Hebaishi. He provided us with kernel that supports Fuschicai Easycap. What does it mean? You can now enjoy both newest raspbmc and video grabber simultaneously. Read after a break for links.

Do it yourself: NAS

I’ve always wanted my very own server. That’s why I got a raspi in the first place. Attached 2TB drive to it, packed it with webservers, services and other weird stuff that I wanted to test. Moreover, I’ve expected this under powered, little raspberry to work flawlessly no matter what I throw at it. But then, BAM! reality: 2MB/s, lost usb packets, hangs, reboots, nuclear war, cold etc. My (cheap&used) new server has come to put an end to it. (more…)

Boblight and android notifications

Ever been in a situation when you are at home waitnig for important email/im/sms/phone call but someone else were studying or sleeping and you didn’t want to wake them up? I’m pretty sure most of us were there. Now, wouldn’t it be cool to “see” a notification as a big light behind your tv? It would. Read after the break for instructions how to do it.

VNC Server

Usually raspi stays hidden, doing it’s job, controlled through web, hdmi cec or other various interfaces. Rarely it’s keyboard or mice. Although there comes time that we need to do something that requires mice and keyboard connected and there is none available or it’s difficult to do so. The perfect solution for you is VNC Server – remote desktop for your raspi. (more…)