LCD for Raspberry pi (HD44780 via PCF8574 I2C) (openelec)

Why, the hell, would you need alphanumeric LCD connected to your Pi while you have it connected already to 55inch TV via HDMI? No doubts you can survive without this additional gadget, but this is not why you bought RPi, right? (especially when it is only ~10Euro and it can provide very useful information from your pi…)

World’s easiest way to set up WiFi Access Point

When over a year ago I was working on setting up wireless access point, that was really tough task. I would never thought that one day I would be able to do the same just with my TV remote and on… OpenELEC!
Ok, so here is the World’s easiest way to set up your own AP.

OpenELEC + Fushicai = LOVE!

Many people (including me) were hoping that OpenELEC, one day, will support UTV007 Fushicai grabber. The day has come :) Well, it came few weeks back, but only yesterday I finally compiled OpenELEC with grabber support. OpenELEC guys promissed to deliver the support in official release as of 4.1/2 version, but if you don’t want to wait, you don’t need to :) (more…)

Video out of your TV internal tuner

I thought that would be cool to have possibility to get the video out of TV, instead of being forced to use HDMI or RCA source. For instance, if you have cable TV where TV channels are controlled by TV and not external decoder, I thought it was not possible to get this video feed into raspberry. I looked at my TV manual, and there was nothing like video out or scart out. So I thought it was not possible. (more…)

Ambi-tv – ampilight effect from any Video (i.e. HDMI) source

Connecting HDMI signal to raspberry pi and using it as a source for the lights behind the tv, seems to be very tricky in the beginning – in fact it is not, but it requires some additional components to be bought and installed. Unfortunately these components are not cheap… You may be lucky enough though to have scart/composite/av output in your PVR or amplituner, that provides signal in parallel with HDMI. If that’s the case, you will get what you want for very reasonable price. (more…)

Control RPi with TV Remote

One of the things that made the biggest impression on me when I borrowed rpi from Tomek was that I could control this tiny computer with my tv remote. Now it may sound a bit silly :), but that was over a year ago. Now, with our Lightberry and possibility to have ambilight effect even for external source, I was wondering how to turn off or on the leds. (more…)

Video Grabber for Raspberry Pi

In order to create ambilight effect for any video signal, the key thing is to buy the right video grabber. When you see that someone installed “easycap” grabber you may suspect that when you buy one you will have the setup that is ready to use. This is very wrong assumption… :) unless you are lucky – and this is why… (more…)

Hyperion on OpenELEC. It works!

After my short journey with boblight on OpenELEC that ended up tragically ;) I gave OpenELEC-Hyperion a try. First I thought it would not be possible (no apt-get, most of the file system read only), but these smart guys from Hyperion managed to make the installation process easy and quick. Most importantly, it works perfectly in opposite to boblight. (more…)

Configuring boblight on OpenElec

When we started selling Lightberry I have had a lot of questions about lighberry compatibility with OpenElec. I was thinking: sure, why not… but at that time I was not fully aware of what OpenElec is :) As it occurs, installation of boblight is quite different on OpenElec than on other distributions. Here are the details. (more…)

Lightberry – your RPi ambi-like ;) system

As you might have noticed we’ve been not “very active” in adding new tutorials to the site. It is not because we were lazy… actually it is the opposite. We had an idea of offering people out-of-the-box ambilight-like peripheral for our precious Raspberry Pi. Finally, after few months of hard work and research, we will be able to offer you the final product. (more…)